ID Verification Quiz for Ohio Tax Payers

We want to be sure that you are aware that the State of Ohio is now sending notices to some Ohio Tax Payers. These notices require the tax payer to verify their identity by completing a short ID Verification Quiz.

Ohio Department of Taxation ID Verification Quiz | Cowdery Tax & Business Solutions

First,  you should know that this notice is a valid communication from the Ohio Department of Taxation. It will have the Ohio Department of Taxation logo on the letter, along with a reference number, and authorization code in the upper right hand corner.

In light of the recent rise in fraudulent tax filings the Ohio Department of Taxation is utilizing this verification process to help legitimate tax payers avoid being a victim of fraud by scam artists who file using the taxpayers name and personal information.

If you receive this notification letter, follow the instructions found in the letter.

When you take your quiz you will want to keep your letter at hand. You will need to refer to it in order to complete the quiz properly. If you cannot complete the quiz properly, a hold may be placed on your tax account until verification can occur. This is to protect you from tax fraud.

Be Ready for the ID Verification Quiz

  1. You must provide the reference number found on the letter.
  2. You must provide the authorization code found on the letter.
  3. You must also verify the amount of the tax refund you are expecting.

If you receive the letter from the ODT, and have not yet filed your 2016 tax return. You will want to complete the quiz by reporting that any claim that has been filed is suspicious. This will indicate that you (or someone acting on your behalf, such as Cowdery Tax) did not file the suspicious return.

Once started you will need to take the quiz within a 10 minute window to answer just four questions.

Watch the short video below, or visit the ODT website for further information.

Of course you can always call our office, we are happy to assist you with any questions of concerns about your tax filings.

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