Tax Documents You Need to Bring to Your Tax Prep Appointment

When preparing your taxes one of the most important things you can do is be prepared with your tax documents. The IRS doesn’t just take your word for it. In most cases they want documented proof of your identity, income, and deductions.

Tax Documents You Need to Bring to Your Tax Prep Appointment | #taxes

On the one hand, you want to be prepared. On the other hand many of the requirements you’ll find are quite easy because they are typically provided by your employer. See this post to learn how you can stay Tax Organized all Year Long.

Tax Documents for Identification

  • Full names and relationship of all family members
  • Social security numbers for all family members
  • Birth dates for all family members
  • Filing Status – Married, Single, Head of Household, etc.
  • Full address
  • Estimated Payment Information (Dates and amounts of each payment) if applicable

Tax Documents Income Reports

  • W-2 Forms from all employers you (and your spouse, if filing a joint return) worked for during the past tax year.)
  • 1099s, 1098s, 1095s received (interest, dividends, capital gains, IRA withdrawals, etc.)
  • K1s received
  • Unemployment benefit statements
  • Investment income information (including: interest income, dividend income, proceeds from the sale of bonds or stocks, and income from foreign investments).
  • Social security benefit statements
  • Alimony
  • Rental property income documentation
  • Other Business income
  • Tax refunds from the state from last year (yes this is taxable income).
  • Miscellaneous income (including: jury duty, lottery and gambling winnings, Form 1099-MISC for prizes and awards, and Form 1099-MSA for distributions from medical savings accounts)

Tax Deduction Documents

  • Form 1095-B or Form 1095-C showing your health insurance status (were you covered all year?)
  • Number of Dependents and any changes last year.
  • IRA and Retirement Contributions
  • Mortgage interest
  • Educational Expense Documents
  • Education Interest Paid
  • Receipts for charitable contributions (cash, miles driven, other donations, etc.)
  • Medical expenses (including health insurance premiums)
  • Real estate and other local or state taxes
  • Un-reimbursed employee expenses (personal expenses paid for business, job search costs, uniforms, mileage, etc.)
  • Child and dependent care expenses

Be sure to list any questions or concerns you have so you are prepared to discuss them during your appointment.

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Tax Documents You Need to Bring to Your Tax Prep Appointment | #taxes

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